Makeup Rehab: The Decluttering

I really like makeup. I love to wear it, look at other people wear it, attempt to replicate their makeup on my face (which usually never turns out as well), and I especially love to buy it. Swatching from the displays at Sephora, seeing reviews and tutorials on YouTube, and seeing the never-ending sponsorships and promotions and ads from Instagram. Shopping with the promise that all I need is this makeup palette and I’ll look just as stunning as the professional makeup artist who used it in those advertisements or videos.

So I’ve bought makeup. I’ve bought a lot of it. And I haven’t hit pan on any of the eyeshadows or blushes I’ve purchased. I catch myself still looking at makeup palettes, without thinking if I already own a shade that is either a dupe or similar enough for my use. Embarrassingly, I realized the other day that I have about a dozen eyeshadow palettes and in reality, I only regularly use one or two. So I’ve decided to declutter some of my makeup, especially the makeup I bought before going cruelty-free. I’m getting rid of six lipsticks (none are cruelty-free, so I plan on purchasing vegan lipsticks as replacements for the shades I’ll actually use) and four eyeshadow palettes. I threw out a few mascaras that are either old or not cruelty-free, and I will be returning five items that I recently purchased from Ulta because they are either the wrong color, horrible application, or burn my face (ouch).

The eyeshadow palettes I will be keeping are all eyeshadows that I enjoy using, and I plan on panning these palettes before buying new ones. They are all cruelty-free (not all are vegan):

  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar
    • This is probably my most-used palette (tied with the Lorac Pro). It’s great for natural looks, attempts at a smoier or darker eye, and White Chocolate is the perfect blending shade.
  • Lorac Pro
    • This is my go-to travel palette. It’s slim, easy to pack into my makeup bag, and has enough shimmer and matte shades to have a variety of looks when I’m traveling. Plus it’s very blendable and, as far as use goes, is second only to the Chocolate Bar.
  • Urban Decay Electric
    • This is my crazy bright palette that I use when I want pops of color or an overall colorful look. The colors here are extremely pigmented and very blendable.
  • Urban Decay Ammo (original formula)
    • This is one of the very first “good” eyeshadow palettes I ever bought. It’s a very old palette, but it contains ten of Urban Decay’s best-selling eyeshadows in a single palette, which is why I bought it as one of my first “higher end” makeup purchases! They did reformulate their eyeshadows, but I haven’t bought any of these shades since the vegan palette, which I purchased around the same time.
  • Urban Decay Vegan (I apparently bought two of these)
    • The Urban Decay vegan palettes were unfortunately too short-lived. I actually purchased this shortly after going vegan, but there is a lot of redundacy between this and the Ammo shadow box.
  • SauceBox Cosmetics Etude
    • I bought this palette a while ago, and while I never really used it too much, I don’t have some of these really matte shades in my other palettes and I think it would make a nice travel palette as well. Plus for the price, I get quite a bit of product, so even though I didn’t recently purchase this product, I think it will take a good amount of time to pan this palette, which is a good thing!

I am decluttering all of my makeup that is not cruelty-free, but I am also decluttering three cruelty-free eyeshadow palettes:

  • Lorac Tease Me Truffles
    • I’ve had this palette for a couple years and never used it, as I bought it as part of a Lorac palette holiday set and frankly I have no idea where the other palettes in this set went. If I want a purple look, I always opt for one of my other palettes, such as the Chocolate Bar or Electric.
  • Too Faced Naked Eye
    • Another palette I’ve never reached for. I have three neutral/smoky palettes that I’m keeping, with the Chocolate Bar, Lorac Pro, and Etude, so there isn’t any reason to keep this palette, even if the names are delightful.
  • Tarte Rainforest After Dark
    • This is a palette I’ve used probably half a dozen times, but I only did the same look with the shades and I never touched the blush because it wasn’t my preferred shade. Plus I can get pretty much the exact same look with the Chocolate Bar.
  • Coastal Scents 120 Palette Two
    • I initially had plans to use this as my “crazy colors” palette but when I tried to use it again, I was very disappointed in the color payoff, lack of pigment, and the odd smell that accompanied the palette. So I dumped this.

I don’t need to buy any more neutral shadows. It would be a very unique color (with good blendability and pigment) for me to purchase a new shadow. If I get bored with my eye makeup, I’ll look up ideas for the palettes I already own as opposed to buying new shades. I do have a list of products that I will eventually purchase because they would be a new part of my makeup collection that I’m currently either unhappy with or do not own. But retail therapy and buying makeup on the promise of looking just as good as the model just because I bought this palette? Well I’m in makeup rehab now. So that won’t really be happening anymore, and my budget will thank me!


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