Hi, I’m Sam, and I am a science-loving, Oreo-eating, woo-hating vegan (over five years and counting!). I love books, photography, Disney, and animal-friendly beauty, and this blog will feature all of that (and whatever else pops into my head).

I’m a lifelong bookworm who gets easily distracted with Netflix and Hulu. When I travel, I like to write down my memories about a certain place, a city that I visited, or new vegan food that I tried. If I took my camera with me (or anywhere else), I might want to remember the setting I was in, what inspired me to take out my camera for that photo, or how I would improve my photography skills for the next time. Occasionally I crochet and either come up with a new pattern or work on a project based on someone else’s creative mind.

You won’t find any pseudoscientific anecdotes, homeopathic remedies, or anti-GMO scaremongering here. I don’t consume animal products or animal derivatives, and I don’t use products that have been tested on animals. I may make choices that are more based on other ethical concerns or opinions about a company’s practices, but those do not mean that every vegan must follow my choices (and I’m not obligated to follow your choices either). I hold the scientifically-based opinion that biotechnology and genetic modification are are going to vastly improve the affordability and availability of plant-based foods, and there is no evidence-based reason to think otherwise. I also use vegan beauty products from cruelty-free companies owned by parent companies that may test on animals; some vegans may disagree with that, but as we are both using vegan products, then there’s no reason to think that you’re more moral than me for not using Urban Decay.

I believe in living a happy vegan lifestyle, not one that is sacrificial and ascetic and miserable, so for that reason, I choose to make pragmatic vegan decisions in my life that are the best option for me, the lives I’m responsible for, and the lives that are affected by my decisions. That means that you might disagree with some of the decisions I have made, but my blog is not the place for you to judge, criticize, or accuse me of not being “vegan enough.” WordPress does offer several free blogging options, so I would encourage you to start your own blog if you feel so strongly about my decisions to take the time to negatively comment!

I hope that this blog resonates with some followers. I am sure that there are other like-minded individuals out there, and I look forward to connecting with you.

We’re an item now.