Makeup Rehab: The Current Inventory

So after the makeup decluttering, it’s time to take stock of my current makeup collection and what I am keeping/using. Then I won’t be tempted to impulse buy¬†because it looks pretty or I don’t know if I have a dupe in my collection. After I’ve figured out what I’m definitely keeping in my collection, I’ll know what I’m missing and all of my future makeup purchases will be planned.

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Makeup Rehab: The Decluttering

I really like makeup. I love to wear it, look at other people wear it, attempt to replicate their makeup on my face (which usually never turns out as well), and I especially love to buy it. Swatching from the displays at Sephora, seeing reviews and tutorials on YouTube, and seeing the never-ending sponsorships and promotions and ads from Instagram. Shopping with the promise that all I need is this makeup palette and I’ll look just as stunning as the professional makeup artist who used it in those advertisements or videos.

So I’ve bought makeup. I’ve bought a lot of it. And I haven’t hit pan on any of the eyeshadows or blushes I’ve purchased. I catch myself still looking at makeup palettes, without thinking if I already own a shade that is either a dupe or similar enough for my use. Embarrassingly, I realized the other day that I have about a dozen eyeshadow palettes and in reality, I only regularly use one or two. So I’ve decided to declutter some of my makeup, especially the makeup I bought before going cruelty-free. I’m getting rid of six lipsticks (none are cruelty-free, so I plan on purchasing vegan lipsticks as replacements for the shades I’ll actually use) and four eyeshadow palettes. I threw out a few mascaras that are either old or not cruelty-free, and I will be returning¬†five items that I recently purchased from Ulta because they are either the wrong color, horrible application, or burn my face (ouch).

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