Book Review: God Hates You, Hate Him Back by C.J. Werleman

Title: God Hates You, Hate Him Back: Making Sense of the Bible

Author: C.J. Werleman

Published: November 16, 2009

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Final Rating: 3/5

Last night, I finally finished a book I have been working through for several months: “God Hates You, Hate Him Back” by CJ Werleman. I purchased the book in December for my Kindle (after enjoying the sample I had received from another atheistic Kindle purchase) and finally finished it up last night. It was published in November 2009, but I couldn’t find a lot of information about the author besides a now-deleted Wikipedia page, his social media profiles, and a few articles accusing him of plagiarism as well as copies of an email exchange between him and Sam Harris. I always like to understand the perspective of the author and how that affects his writings and worldview, but in this case, I think it’s probably better to skip over the allegations and go straight to the book.

51jqbf53mbl-_sx331_bo1204203200_For people who know me, it is no secret that I am one of those “militant atheists,” meaning that I occasionally get quite ranty about it on Facebook, and I would like to not be portrayed as evil by media, politicians, or whoever else thinks I’ll burn in hell for eternity. What that really means is that I quite often read books written by atheists because the subject matter is a priority to me (I usually describe myself as a “childfree liberal vegan atheist,” which tends to describe my most important values fairly well). Ironically, in my quest to continue to educate myself and masochistic urge to continue to read more of religion and its followers, I think it’s safe to say that I spend more time in the study of religion as an incredulous outsider than those who claim to be devout to the faith. I suppose it goes hand in hand with my fascination for cryptozoology and occasionally a good paranormal read; a little suspension of disbelief can go a long way.

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